International Remarketing and Trading

What we do

International Remarketing:
With a group of partner companies we buy and sell clearance-, excess stocks and EOL stocklots of all kinds of branded and luxury goods. Sports, fashion, electronics, DIY, watches, shoes, jewelry, home- and kitchenware and more.
Any quantity is welcome, we make immediate decisions.
We are no agents or brokers, we either buy or don't buy.

International Trading:

With partners in the Netherlands and abroad we have a widespread network for buying and selling all kind of FMCG and commodities. We work through bonded warehouses and with Escrow payments. We represent some factories in certain countries. Products like UHT milk, cream, energy drinks, beers, babymilkpowder, poultry and much more are offered on daily bases to our clients all over the world.

It is our aim to build strong, long lasting relationships with our suppliers, customers and partners.


We are located in the centre of the Netherlands. We keep all our excess stocks, overstocks and inventories stored in warehouses in the Eastern part of the Netherlands.  If you want to visit us and discuss future business, or buy/sell items you're more than welcome! 

All commodity trading goes through bonded warehouses in Rotterdam or Belgium. 

What can you do?

Send us an E-mail or call for an appointment to discuss what we can do for each other.
We will always find a way to start doing business!